This framesupersportingsummarizesyour feelings witha perfectdriving pleasureunder all conditions, as well as its excellentdriving dynamicsand asystematicand functionalease ofdevelopment.

It'a frame constructedwith mixeddiameterof30mm and32mm.
It has threeremovablebarsof whichone front, onerearand oneside.
It comesstandard with3 types ofbarsinfrontofafull-nylon, a nylonand aperforatedsteelchrome.
At the rearis equipped withmolded-HOLDER totallyinnovative, their profile is higherandmore rigidbox-type, in addition to the newpitch regulationAd-P.

Whateverthe circuit whereyou are,long or shortfast ortwisting, as well as allowingbetter useof the elastic propertiesof the axle, you will always findthe right balanceinyour chassisset-up

Mustang - Strike Eagle - KF2 


Mustang - Strike Eagle - KF3 


Mustang - Strike Eagle - KZ