Spitfire was designed and built in 2005 specially for the karting entry categories as Baby and Mini Kart with the advent of the reworking of these categories for the new TAG engines.

this has been developed over the years and has been adapted from year to year depending on the technical / sports characteristics of the moment.

Was created to national standards issued by ACI-CSAI that established the rules of construction of this category and is approved for period 2010-2014.

Is intended to the Italian market but can also compete in other countries which are adapted to the Italian national technical regulation. 

The frame has a wheelbase of 950mm, 30mm axle hollow which LGK produces 4 different types, depending on the best condition, innovative rear axle bearings supports with 4 different chassis height, is also equipped with a support steering column that allows the installation of the spectacular adjustable feet support in ergal, also produced in exclusive by LGK.

The braking system approved has a particular name, "Megabrake" for its braking capabilities. The pump and the brake caliper are in ergal fully CNC billet machined, pipe  braking aviation type approved, brake pads with double fixing, disk in steel AISI daisy type for a weight reduction and best rotation of the rotating masses in addition to a greater dispersion of heat and a greater cleaning of the pads themselves.

The steering wheel, to optimize the capacity of steering is 320mm equal to that from adults, bringing the similarity always more than that of the frames of the range tip of LGK. 

The frame it also provides with pedals in Alu CNC adjustable, removable 3.5-liter fuel tank in accordance, body work set Kg type MK14 accompanied by a corresponding graphic kit which also extends livery adhesive on the floor tray, aluminium wheels set, seat IMAF choice between 3 different types, approved rear plastic bumper with fixing kit.