... The McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle is a two-seat fighter-bomber developed from the 'F-15 Eagle and produced, in the late eighties, by the American McDonnell Douglas.Designed to perform tasks of no-fly and ground attack, made ​​its first flight on December 11, 1986 nell'USAF entering service in 1989. Used in all conflicts from the first Gulf War in 1990, is able to operate autonomously in hostile territory ... the words of this description, dedicated to the aircraft that took its name, in the underlined portions of the state why it is was invented ...

It 'a frame made entirely with pipe diameter of 30mm.
It has three removable bars of which one front, one rear and one side.
It comes standard with 3 types of bars in front of a full-nylon, a nylon and a perforated steel chrome.
At the rear is equipped with molded-HOLDER totally innovative, their profile is higher and more rigid box-type, in addition to the new pitch regulation Ad-P.

Whatever the circuit where you are, long or short fast or twisting, as well as allowing better use of the elastic properties of the axle, you will always find the right balance in your chassis set-up.

Mustang - Strike Eagle - KF2 

Mustang - Strike Eagle - KF3 

Mustang - Strike Eagle - KZ