LGK Racing Kart s.r.l. perates in karting since 1990. The passion for kart racing and his previous experience in the field of auto parts, pushed Ferdinand Lungani to start their own production of spare parts and accessories for karts. Initially, in collaboration with his brother, owner of two shops machining, Ferdinand Lungani concentrated its production on the processing of aluminous materials, thus initiating the production of hubs, hard door, door wreath, made from more than HOLDER to correct axles radiators and production.

LGK thus became in a short time, thanks to research and quality of materials, supplier of some of the greatest leaders of those years of karting. In 1991 his son Lorenzo Lungani, filtered by his father's great passion for four wheels, began his karting sports within the purely regional, and lasted until 2000, then in races of greater importance even enjoying some great results, despite the little time taken away from difficult times during the week spent in his father. The following year his father finally decides to leave the field of auto parts and devote himself exclusively to karting, designed in collaboration with a team of engineers, the first frame ... the "Stukas". The work of the Racing Team LGK, the hard practice sessions and the ongoing search for new materials, have helped to develop and improve the characteristics of the frame and the results on the track. In 1994 LGK performs the first homologous International manufacturer and chassis components for karts. The company then began from that time to expand its range of products, we are now known to be one of the few companies in this area autoproduttrici making the year 2004 the company completed the castle with the new company BULL POWER ... one of the most comprehensive in the world. Today the racing team participates in many competitions Italian LGK good positions, but the goal is to achieve the same results in European and International competitions.