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LGK Racing Kart S.r.l. work in karting since 1990.
The company was born from the passion and experience of all the staff who, after years on tracks all over the world as pilots and mechanics, so they decide to engage in the production of high-tech products and spare parts.


The kabs is an innovative high-tech braking system, invented, manufactured and tested to the achievement of mechanically never seen until now, a system that boasts of performance results, worthy to be called "KABS.".


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LGK Racing Kart S.r.l. manufactures and sells spare parts and accessories for karting directly online. We try to offer the lowest prices on the replacement market of karting, of course maintaining the high quality of all our products.

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We have dealers all over the world: in Italy, our operators are present in Sicily, Campania, in the rest of Europe we are present in France, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine. We also have distributors in Australia and New Zealand.