KZ Shifter

The acronym that will distinguish the new models for the year 2024 will be S16.
Based on the S15 models we have implemented and perfected various technical details and introduced new accessories to improve performance and ease of use.

LGK30-S16: approval N° 007/CH/10
Body geometry unchanged
Material upgrade and improvement of the welding process
New forged aluminum axle bearing flange
New design

LGK32-S16: approval N° 007/CH/12

New chassis geometry
Material upgrades
New forged aluminum axle bearing flange
New design

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Technical information

fairings and graphics

All 2024 version karts will be equipped with the new "KG" fairings of the latest type approval 507/508 both front and rear, while the lateral ones remain FreeLine to maintain the weight and dynamism of the design. Like every year we have revised the graphics trying to give an increasingly captivating, modern and recognizable look that distinguishes the LGK brand.


All KZ Shifter frames will be equipped with the I25x2 RR EVO brake system as standard.

axle bearing flange

The new forged aluminum bearing flange improves the stability of the kart and the grip during braking – cod. 10.16676.00.

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